David Is - Brooklyn Museum

⚡️DAVID BOWIE IS #DavidBowieIs Exhibition now in its last fabulous week at the Brooklyn Museum! Featuring original costumes, hand written lyrics, the #Stylophone, a sound used by David Bowie throughout his career, and an incredible montage of David Bowie’s songs, produced by longtime friend, collaborator and producer #TonyVisconti

You can buy the Stylophone in the museum shop, and see it as part of the exhibition.

Stylophone 50th Competition


RULES: To create an original tune, song or instrumental piece of music no more than 2 minutes long featuring one or more of the Stylophone products. (You can use the original Stylophone, Gen X-1, Stylophone Beatbox or Stylophone S2). Other instruments can be used but a Stylophone product has to be the main instrument used.
- Multiple entries per person accepted.

HOW TO ENTER: Upload either a Youtube video or Soundcloud audio to your account with the hashtag #stylophone50

Add your Youtube/Soundcloud link to the Stylophone Offical post pinned to our page:


DATES: Upload between 11th June - 31st July.

WINNER: Entries will be judged by TONY VISCONTI and Dubreq, and the winner will be notified as soon as possible in September.

PRIZE: A gold-plated Stylophone, a full set of Stylophone products (Stylophone, Beatbox, Gen X-1 & S2) and the winning track will be used in subsequent Stylophone marketing.


Gen X-1 stars in new Brighton Rock adaptation

The Stylophone Gen X-1 took to the stage this month to rave reviews with the amazing artist, singer and electronic composer  http://www.hannahpeel.com/ and the @PilotTheatre in their adaptation of the gripping noir thriller ‘BRIGHTON ROCK’ by legendary British writer Graham Green, begining the tour at @YorkTheatre  The Stylophone Gen X-1 thought it was ‘a great theatrical debut’ and has massive respect for Hannah Peel, Graham Green and the Pilot Theatre Crew.


Guitar Guitar Review

GuitarGuitar Magazine gave the Stylophone Gen X-1 a glowing review in its 12 Days of Synthmas, coming in at Day 2.    Here’s some of it;

‘Pocket-sized, portable, powerful, the Stylophone GX-1 is a battery operated little synth.. maintaining the awesome vintage look it's known for.  We're happy to report that we had absolutely LOADS of fun playing with the Gen X-1 and were quite taken aback by some of the sounds we were able to pull out of this palm-sized piece of kit!  You certainly don't need to be a musical genius to get some intriguing sounds from it which range from subtel and detailed to an amazingly thick and nasty sounding growl.... Dubreq have crammed a lot into the tiny shell of the GX-1,..its low price makes it a very worthy addition to any setup. We had a blast messing about with the various parameters and could see this little guy being utilised as a really practical and distinctive tool for sweeps, build up effects and layering ... this release is a commendable new member of the family that's more advanced and engaging than ever. Perfect for the producer who loves to experiment, ….the GX-1 is way more powerful than its size suggests!


Stylophone Gen X-1 now stocked in Macaris, Charing Cross Road, London WC1.  Macaris has a rich and interesting musical heritage, established in 1958 by Brothers Larry and Joe Macari. They are the longest running musical instrument retailer in Central London.


In November the Stylophone featured prominently in both FOPP Covent Garden and HMV Oxford Street, so some lucky people will have had a Stylophone for Christmas!  We met some lovely staff along the way, thanks to them for all their help.Fopp Records Covent Garden  #oxfordstreet Hmv 363 Oxford Street

Electronic Sound Review

Electronic Sound Review


Amazing  gig last night by #krautwerk at Borough Wines Basement Bar Hastings, East Sussex.  It was a privilege to have two pioneers of German electronic music, Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann,  play a 'secret gig' on the last night of their tour, and if you look closely you can see Eberhard (ex Kraftwerk/Neu!) playing the Stylophone Gen X-1.  Thanks Harald and Eberhard!  We hope to be working again soon with these two superstars.  Watch this space for some very exciting news that could include YOU! And some brilliant new releases from them. We’ll keep you posted with any tour news too.

Brilliant review of the gig  in the Hastings Independent Newspaper by Tim Burton. Thanks Tim!


Stylophone Gen X-1 Launched: 26.09.2017

Dubreq is pleased to announce the offical launch of the Stylophone Gen X-1. The next generation portable analogue Stylophone.

Want know what all the fuss is about then have a look.


I don't want to mess about with that I just want to buy.




Stylophone Number 1 trending on Ebay

Well it looks like the Stylophones recent appearance on This Morning ITV with Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby has helped push it in number one place for trending products on Ebay. What more could you want from a musical gift...