GuitarGuitar Magazine gave the Stylophone Gen X-1 a glowing review in its 12 Days of Synthmas, coming in at Day 2.    Here’s some of it;

‘Pocket-sized, portable, powerful, the Stylophone GX-1 is a battery operated little synth.. maintaining the awesome vintage look it’s known for.  We’re happy to report that we had absolutely LOADS of fun playing with the Gen X-1 and were quite taken aback by some of the sounds we were able to pull out of this palm-sized piece of kit!  You certainly don’t need to be a musical genius to get some intriguing sounds from it which range from subtel and detailed to an amazingly thick and nasty sounding growl…. Dubreq have crammed a lot into the tiny shell of the GX-1,..its low price makes it a very worthy addition to any setup. We had a blast messing about with the various parameters and could see this little guy being utilised as a really practical and distinctive tool for sweeps, build up effects and layering … this release is a commendable new member of the family that’s more advanced and engaging than ever. Perfect for the producer who loves to experiment, ….the GX-1 is way more powerful than its size suggests!