RULES: To create an original tune, song or instrumental piece of music no more than 2 minutes long featuring one or more of the Stylophone products. (You can use the original Stylophone, Gen X-1, Stylophone Beatbox or Stylophone S2). Other instruments can be used but a Stylophone product has to be the main instrument used.
– Multiple entries per person accepted.

HOW TO ENTER: Upload either a Youtube video or Soundcloud audio to your account with the hashtag #stylophone50

Add your Youtube/Soundcloud link to the Stylophone Offical post pinned to our page:

DATES: Upload between 11th June – 31st July.

WINNER: Entries will be judged by TONY VISCONTI and Dubreq, and the winner will be notified as soon as possible in September.

PRIZE: A gold-plated Stylophone, a full set of Stylophone products (Stylophone, Beatbox, Gen X-1 & S2) and the winning track will be used in subsequent Stylophone marketing.