Synthesize Me!

Synthesize Me! Hear @carouselartuk House Band explore technology and celebrate the work and techniques of pioneering British electronic musicians@daphneoram and @DeliaDDay

The band used household items to create sound samples which were arranged musically and manipulated using music software. Other sounds were created using accessible music apps and the legendary Stylophone pocket synthesizer.   We are really happy to have been able to make a donation of equipment to Synthesize Me! @carouselartuk

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Just How Amazing Can a STYLOPHONE Sound?

Awesome, absolutely awesome’

Here it is rigged up with a  ZOOM MS-70CDR

"This has just gotta be the most fun you can have for £60. Wowza"

Great Stylophone Gen X-1 review from Andertons

Jack and Ben get down and dirty with the Stylophone Gen-X-1

"This has just gotta be the most fun you can have for £60. Wowza!"


Stylophone Teardown With Tomorrow Lab

Tomorrow Lab Hardware Innovation Studio in New York City  take the beast that is the Stylophone apart for their ‘Teardown!’ and show exactly what’s in the magic box and how it makes the Stylophone sound. Check out the Stylophone schematics and Tomorrow Labs oscilloscope!

Synthesize Me! Using the legendary Stylophone with learning disabled musicians

Synthesize Me! Another great music project with the Youth Music Network and Carousel.

Dubreq are pleased to be able to donate instruments to this fantastic organisation. Sam Dook said:

"Many thanks to Dubreq who have donated some of their Stylophone instruments to our project. As part of creating an original piece of music inspired by pioneering electronic musicans Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire we are looking at using some classic synthesizer sounds. Dubreq currently have three very affordable stylophone instruments available.

All of these instruments were used by our learning disabled band members in our last session and they found them to be very intuitive. The flat surface of the keyboard mean a glissando effect can be easily achieved by gliding the stylus sideways, this proved particularly popular. Being a small instrument but having the stylus means playing the instrument is not a fiddly task as you might imagine it to be considering the size of the instrument.

All three would make great additions to a music educators kit. They are easy to store, powered by batteries and have minijack/headphone outputs and inputs as well as inbuilt speakers, they can be fine tuned as well. The sound of the original stylophone is timeless in the way that it evokes a retro sci-fi feel and I think young musicans including those with learning disability would enjoy exploring it. "

For more information on this great organisation then visit them here:






Stylophone Beatbox Repackaged

Portable Electronic Beats Machine has been repackaged! The baby beats machine now comes in a eye popping, colourful box with newly designed instruction booklet to accompany it. Thanks Mel Simone Elliott for all your help with design!
The Stylophone Beatbox features 13 pads. Touch the stylus to the keypad to trigger electronic drum samples, vocal beatbox samples or synth bass line. Record and play in loop mode to create your own rhythm patterns and change the loop tempo as it plays back.
Available now! and also on Amazon.

Dubreq Stylophone and Rhythmix

Great to be involved with Rhythmix providing opportunities for music making to people in challenging circumstances. Really happy to help.

Stylophone and Electronic Musician

Thank you Electronic Musician ! Another great review! ⚡️

"A classic instrument that sounds better than ever"

"It’s simply hard to resist the Stylophone Gen X-1 because it is so much fun to play."

The #StylophoneGenX1 inexpensive and versatile, what's not to like?!

Magnetic Mag Review

'It's capable of creating incredible textures and atmospheres that you just will not get anywhere else..'

Thanks Kane Michael