Well, this is pretty cool.

Legendary British art punk band, Wire have just released their seventeenth studio album, Mind Hive.

One of the highlights is the penultimate track, ‘Hung’, which features Wire’s vocalist Colin Newman on the Stylophone Gen X-1.

As the band reveal in an interview for Record Collector Magazine, the Stylophone Gen X-1 creates the sound which is the “foundation of ‘Hung’.”

Record Collector’s review says “Hung bursts into life with a synth pulse and builds relentlessly until it eventually climaxes in an epic space-rock crescendo”

If you’re unfamiliar with Wire, they’ve been going since 1977 and are described by Rolling Stone magazine as “Punk’s ultimate cult band”.

Even the band admit that they’ve not quite got the recognition they should do. As Colin Newman says, “We’re the most famous band you’ve never heard of”.

Well, in our opinion, the weird, obscure stuff is often the best, and  we couldn’t be prouder than to hear the Stylophone Gen X-1’s screeching delay pulsing away on Wire’s latest opus.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Wire, look out for a new documentary called People in a Film, which is in production right now, including footage of them recording Mind Hive.

So you never know, the Stylophone Gen X-1 might make a cameo appearance!

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