February Freakout: Win a Limited Edition Stylophone Gen R-8!

We’ve got some exciting news…

Until 29th February, we’re offering YOU the chance to win a limited edition Stylophone Gen R-8 touch analog synthesizer!

These beasts retail at $349 but are currently not available to buy anywhere!

Our new touch analog synthesizer includes a 3-octave touch keyboard, two oscillators, room-shaking bass, a grungy analog delay, plus an easy-to-use 16 step sequencer, all packed into a heavy-duty black steel case.

The Stylophone Gen R-8 has its own unique sound, described by fans as “raw”, “fat and gritty” and a “dirty little beast”.

As synth reviewer Gaz Williams says about the Stylophone Gen R-8, “It’s kinda nasty. This is the naughty kid. This is the smoking on the back seat of the school bus kid. This makes a really ferocious sound,”

Now, one of only 500 Limited Edition Stylophone Gen R-8s could be yours!

To be a winner, all you need to do is…

Use ANY of our range of Stylophone instruments to make some of your most creative sounds, any genre, with visuals of any creative style – then post it as a video (max 1 minute long) on your own social media account.

It could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube…. or all of them!

Whatever you do, please TAG US and use the hashtag:


You could make your own original track or cover a song in any genre – heavy metal, techno, electronica, pop, reggae, jazz, grime, indie, experimental, classical, punk. We don’t mind! But for the best chance to win…

  • Be as creative as you like with your sounds – we want to hear something interesting and unique!
  • Make it visual! – we love to keep our eyes as entertained as our ears, so go as mad as you like with your video.

Send your entries in by midnight (GMT) on Friday 28th February. We’ll pick our favourite on the 29th February and the winner will receive a Stylophone Gen R-8 synthesizer!

We can’t wait love to see what you come up with!

Remember to use the hashtag #StylophoneGenR8Comp and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Good luck ✌️❤