Synthesize Me! Another great music project with the Youth Music Network and Carousel.

Dubreq are pleased to be able to donate instruments to this fantastic organisation. Sam Dook said:

“Many thanks to Dubreq who have donated some of their Stylophone instruments to our project. As part of creating an original piece of music inspired by pioneering electronic musicans Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire we are looking at using some classic synthesizer sounds. Dubreq currently have three very affordable stylophone instruments available.

All of these instruments were used by our learning disabled band members in our last session and they found them to be very intuitive. The flat surface of the keyboard mean a glissando effect can be easily achieved by gliding the stylus sideways, this proved particularly popular. Being a small instrument but having the stylus means playing the instrument is not a fiddly task as you might imagine it to be considering the size of the instrument.

All three would make great additions to a music educators kit. They are easy to store, powered by batteries and have minijack/headphone outputs and inputs as well as inbuilt speakers, they can be fine tuned as well. The sound of the original stylophone is timeless in the way that it evokes a retro sci-fi feel and I think young musicans including those with learning disability would enjoy exploring it. ”

For more information on this great organisation then visit them here: