What's involved in refurbishing our Stylophones?
As mentioned throughout our site, we ensure our customers get a stylophone that has been thoroughly checked before-hand, so that they receive a unit in as fine working condition as possible.
There is a little more to it than simply putting in a battery, switching on, and running the stylus up and down the keyboard a few times......

EVERY circuit board is removed from the casing for inspection. This will include visual as well as metered component testing
There were MANY different circuits and components used on this instrument over the years.
On virtually every model, there are certain areas that need very careful checking before they can be
re-sold with confidence. Each and every different board / component layout had it's own peculiarities,
and areas of possible failure. On some, it may be a particular model speaker that would be suspect.
On others, it could be capacitors, diodes, or a number of other questionable components.
Knowing what to look for - and replacing them BEFORE they may eventually fail is the key.

While the circuit board is removed, a thorough cleaning of the keyboard is carried out .
The actual 'keyboard' circuit extends beyond what you see when the instrument is fully assembled. Over the years, normal polishing of the keyboard will push dirt, grime - and the actual metal polish used to clean the unit - all around the underside edge of the keyboard layout, out of sight. While at best, the dirt will simply build up and remain there unnoticed, in other cases it could lead to corrosion of the narrow tramline circuit tracks that surround the keyboard.

Why do we go to such lengths before we sell the Stylophone?
Very simple to answer..... we HATE the thought of having items returned to us!.
Not for any work it may cause ourselves, but the time and trouble in returning the unit - and possible disappointment it may be to the customer. We firmly believe that by making sure all is well before sending out items, a lot of time and trouble can be saved in the long
run. While most of these instruments will go into private collections or for personal 'fun' use, a lot will be used in recording projects, or even 'live on stage'. Our aim is to do the best job possible, and give our customers confidence in their Stylophone. Therefore, every reconditioned Stylophone gets the same pre-sale treatment.
If something did go wrong for any reason, we are always here to help. That is why we do not place any 'time-limited' warranties on our refurbished equipment*. Our attention to detail is your guarantee of a service second to none.

* Damage caused by general misuse, including the incorrect use of power supply used to operate these instruments,
is not included in our backup service. We may still be able to help with repairs, but there will be a charge for this service.