We are pleased to offer this service - available to credit card holders through PayPal .

To place an order, contact us using the email link above with your requirements. A reply detailing the total amount due will be sent to you, where you can then decide whether to place a firm order.
Once confirmation is received by us, we will then arrange for a PAYPAL money request to be emailed to you.
Simply fill in the appropriate details. That's it!.

Once we receive verification of funds transfer, your order will be sent out to you straight away.
We will keep you informed of progress all the way.

The process is quick, simple, and SAFE.

The process requires that you become a member of PAYPAL, one of the most widely used secure systems of credit card payment found on the net today.

Membership is COMPLETELY FREE, and is arranged instantly*.

* for additional security, there is a verification process in the PAYPAL sign-up procedure which can add several days to your account being activated. Please see the sign-up information on the PAYPAL website.

Existing PAYPAL Members:

New to PAYPAL?

If you do not wish to make a purchase here at present, we would suggest you sign up with PAYPAL anyway, so that you may be ready to take advantage of the service on your shopping travels around the net.

EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT YET A MEMBER: we can still send the on-line PayPal money request to you for the goods you require. You will be guided from within the money request to the appropriate sign-up page of PayPal.