It is unfortunate that the term 'original' has to be explained to such a degree, but the sad fact is that many sellers are describing reproduction Stylophones as 'originals'.

At best, this is ignorance on the part of the seller, or at worst.. deliberately misleading.

The term 'original' has crept into the description of reproductions because of one simple fact... the Stylophone was the 'original pocket organ'.

That's a simple enough statement, and true.
The Stylophone was indeed the first electronic pocket organ when launched.

The problems start however, when the 'original' tag is used out of context,
and extended to describe a particular Stylophone.

To qualify as an original, it must have been manufactured in the UK between 1968 and 1975.
Anything else, and it is reproduction.

We are fully aware that:

reproductions are being openly sold / marketed as originals.

some sellers have used photographs of UK-made originals in their ads, advertised them as originals, but supplied modern reproductions to customers!.

If you see any evidence of such misleading adverts,

If you have ordered an original, expected to receive an original but which turns out to be a repro,

Do this by contacting the retailer, or in the case of auction items, the auction hosts.

The association with famous artists from the golden age of the Stylophone (in descriptions like 'as used by', 'made famous by'.. etc) is also a common selling tag-line. 
Remember...   ALL these artists from the 60's, 70's & 80's of course used the original models
with the unmistakable vintage Stylophone sound in their recordings.