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Customers purchasing these vintage instruments through STYLOPHONE.COM are assured of a service, knowledge, experience and backup second to none. That's why we are the first choice of collectors,
amateur and professional musicians looking for vintage original Stylophone equipment.

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ORIGINAL play-along records and tune books...
All our stock items on these pages are fully checked and serviced prior to sale.

Due to a large increase in emailed requests for help with items purchased elsewhere
as 'fully working'; but which have inevitably since failed; please note:
 We do not offer any repair service on Stylophone items obtained from other sources.

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All Stylophone components we carry in stock are used for our own pre-sale servicing.

Our COLLECTORS WEBSITE (see banner top of page) is constantly being updated.
The basics of the Stylophone story are already there, but there is so much more fascinating stuff to be added.
 Burt Coleman; the man who's marketing expertise made the Stylophone such a phenomenal success in the 60's and 70's; is currently compiling a more in-depth history of the Stylophone and Dubreq company*.
This will be added as soon as we can.
*(The Dubreq company ran from 1967, and was completely wound up in 1980. It has never been reformed).

Also to come....
*History on the first use of the word 'Stylophone' in connection with a piece of musical equipment!
*Our own long history here at the Sales and Collectors sites, which too will make fascinating reading!.

We are delighted to announce that this certificate also bears the name and signature of Burt Coleman,...   the Founder, and Managing Director of the Dubreq Company.

The Certificate which bears his name is testimony to our ongoing dedication
& commitment to the original Stylophone, and your guarantee of authenticity.
This wonderful endorsement is exclusive to the Stylophone Sales Center.

For your assurance, every Stylophone obtained from the
Stylophone Sales Center is accompanied by a specially
prepared and laminated certificate (shown left) .

Each certificate has a unique serial number allocated to the Stylophone you receive. Your Stylophone will also carry this serial number inside the battery compartment. 

We DO NOT sell reproductions....

Original or not??... quick and simple checks:

Whether in black, white, or 'wood finish', original English-made Dubreq Stylophones do not have any letters or marks after the 'E' in the Stylophone name.  Stylophones that do carry any additional marks were made in the Far-East.

*Click Here to find out what Burt Coleman has been doing during the intervening years.*

Original Stylophones were made in England by the creators Dubreq between 1968 and 1975, before the company closed for good in 1980.

Remember, only the ORIGINAL Stylophones have these features....

Black & White models with METAL grill

Accessible circuit board for maintenance or repair

and most importantly... Vintage Analog-Circuit Technology producing that totally UNIQUE Stylophone Sound

Often Copied..... Never Bettered....
NOTHING sounds like an ORIGINAL VINTAGE Stylophone!!

a build quality that has lasted for 40 years

The Prototype 'Mini Organ' is introduced to the press by
Burt Coleman -  Dubreq MD

...The one and only
Original Hand-Made Prototype
is found again after 40 years

and now the
Rarest Stylophone
In The World!

'A Startling New Invention
For Britain'

Sunday Mirror - 1967
Further details of the amazing Prototype-find  HERE

We are the ONLY outlet where you are guaranteed to receive an ORIGINAL & VINTAGE BRITISH MADE  STYLOPHONE!.

A design classic, the Stylophone not only represents the 60's and 70's like no other, but also the treasured history of British ingenuity and manufacturing.

We are proud to be the only dedicated supplier of these historical instruments.

All originals also have a large removable back cover for access to the battery compartment.
All are powered by a single PP3 battery.

Find out why our Authenticity Certificates are more important than ever before HERE.

Rich in history, quality and longevity, these original models are the first choice of collectors and discerning musicians around the world.

These highly collectable originals hold a very special place in the heart of retro-    enthusiasts, and the many musicians who have made them famous over the years.

DAVID BOWIE uses a 60's black model
on his famous hit 'Space Oddity'

More than 30 years later, he returns to the Stylophone using a 70's white model for his track 'Slip Away'

Historical Note

From the late 60's and right through the 70's, a product which would become an icon.
The STYLOPHONE represents a glorious period of British ingenuity, born right at the height of 'pop' culture.

The start of the craze in Pop Culture!


Over 40 years ago...
 David Bowie appears on British TV's 'Top Of The Pops', playing the Stylophone on his hit record
'Space Oddity'.

Own A GENUINE Piece Of History...

The Original Vintage Stylophone!

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* Caution Note! *. ..   Copies and variants of this basic design have been made over the years, from locations as diverse as Russia and the Far East. Many sellers are actually advertising foreign-made reproduction models as 'vintage' Stylophones / 'Original' Stylophones, in a vain attempt to add value / credibility. ( more info on this sharp practice can be found HERE ).
Remember... if the Stylophone wasn't manufactured in the UK between 1968 and 1975,
it is not a 'vintage original'  model.